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Corporate responsibility

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“All Australian’s and Australian companies have a role to play in making Australia a more sustainable place for future generations and to protect our reputation as one of the world’s most livable places”

As an Australian owned and operated company, Greenbank has a well-defined corporate responsibility mandate. Any action taken by our company endeavors to have a positive impact on our customers, our stakeholders, our people, our suppliers and the communities surrounding us, this includes and goes beyond our legal or regulatory obligations.

Conducting business with due vigilance to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and adherence to the law, Greenbank is committed to encouraging a healthy and safe workplace, a highly competitive free enterprise system, environmental excellence and community enrichment.

Our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen includes:

  • Investing long-term in projects that bring out the best in our people
  • Actively participating in the community as a responsible citizen by paying attention to the impact of our activities have on others and the planet
  • Engaging with our customers by dealing fairly, honestly and transparently to deliver  measurable value
  • Minimising our environmental impacts by reducing the need to process, transport, and store paper records for ourselves and our customers
  • Evolving with technology and investing in streamlined processes to reduce our environmental impact at every level in our business’

In shaping our approach to corporate responsibility, we liaised with a range of business and non-business interest groups to ensure that we fully understood their expectations of us as a corporate citizen. We took the time to ensure that our policies and programs addressed relevant issues in the community.

Greenbank has chosen to embark on a partnership with the Trust for Nature organization and purchased 143ha of Trust for Nature covenanted land in the fragile Victorian Gippsland region incorporating vital wetlands and water collection areas of Lake wellington and Lake Victoria in the Gippsland lakes.

The wetlands adjoin extensive public reserve and preserve vital habitat areas crucial to many Australian coastal and wetland birds including White-bellied Sea-eagles.

To read more about the Trust for Nature organisation and their programs visit