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Green Living

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There are things that we can do across all aspects of our everyday lives. This will make sure that we are contributing to a better planet and better communities for ourselves and future generations.

Small changes can make a big difference – start here for some ideas on how you can be sure that your changes have a positive outcome both environmentally and economically!

Top 10 tips for Home

  1. Flick the light switch to off when you leave a room
  2. Embrace the day – take advantage of natural daylight. Turn off or dim electric lighting and let the sun do its job.
  3. Protect your windows – in summer shade all your windows that do not face south with fixed shading devices – an un-shaded square metre of glass lets in almost as much heat as a one-bar radiator.
  4. Use appliances with Energy Star Rating – the more stars the greater the efficiency
  5. Downsize – try and get by with only one fridge/freezer. If a second is required only turn it on when necessary.
  6. Set your thermostat as low as you feel comfortable during winter (19-20 degrees celcius) and as high as you feel comfortable in summer (25-26 degrees celcius). Each 1% above or below during the summer and winter months increases energy usage by around 10%.
  7. Indoors in winter? Pop on an extra jumper just like we did when we were kids, instead of turning on the heater.
  8. Shut the doors to keep the temperature in your room constant
  9. Ceiling fans cost about 5 cents an hour to run, much less than an air conditioner.
  10. Insulation in cavity walls or your roof can save you up to 20% off your heating usage charges.