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Fiona O’Hehir is CEO of Greenbank Environmental. She has a technical background in electronics and power conversion for the solar industry and has been involved in the renewable energy space for over 15 years.

In 2003 Fiona started her own business to educate the solar industry about the renewable energy target and the need to create their solar credits for the remote area power and grid connected installations. Ten years on, Greenbank Environmental is now the largest independent trader of renewable energy certificates and other environmental credits in Australia, with the creation of four million renewable energy credits and registration of 35,000 clean energy installations in homes around Australia.

Fiona has spent six years as an elected industry representative on the board of the Clean Energy Council. She has just completed a two-year board position on Renewables SA and is also the Vice president of the REC Agents Association (RAA).



General Manager & Environmental Trader

Ria joined Greenbank in 2005 and together with Fiona, formed the partnership that’s driven the business from a small consultancy firm to the aggregation and trading business it is today. As the General Manager, Ria provides strategic and commercial leadership to her colleagues, to ensure that Greenbank remains one of Australia’s largest certificate aggregators.

Ria is also the Environmental Trader for the renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon/ ERF markets; providing Greenbank with the tools and models to forecast short and long term trends. Ria has maintained a large market portfolio and developed strong relationships with key stakeholders across all environmental markets. Ria’s goal is to use her experience and knowledge to help the industry and the public more generally prepare for a cleaner and a lower-emission future.



Compliance Manager

Vivienne joined Greenbank in May 2007 and her knowledge and experience in the role of compliance manager has been invaluable to Greenbank’s smooth business operations. Her constant vigilance to ensure that Greenbank keeps abreast of the evolving regulatory landscape, sets Greenbank apart from competitors. Her role includes procedures in ever tightening compliance requirements surrounding the various schemes