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Am I eligible?

Number of eligible certificates may vary from that shown depending on the installation date. Please consider all calculations as estimates only. To verify REC calculations contact us directly on 1300 GREENBANK. Thank you.

* Based on: 15 years deeming



Have you received or been approved for a rebate or financial assistance (including Solar Credits) for any small generation unit at this address?

Have you previously received Solar Credits (multiplied STCs) for a small generation unit at this premises/address?

Is this an ELIGIBLE premises for Solar Credits (REC Multiplier)?

Are you installing a complete unit (additional capacity to an existing system is not considered a complete unit)?

You are NOT eligible for solar credits

To get started, simply select the date of your installation from the calendar, type in your postcode and the capacity of your PV system. Press calculate to see what we can offer you!

The whole of Australia has been mapped by postcode for the available sunlight in each location. The number of certificates that can be created will depends on the size, type and location of your solar installation. Please contact our office directly to verify current STC pricing.