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Greenbank Carbon, is a subsidiary company of Greenbank Environmental, that operates in the domestic and international carbon markets as a buyer of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) or other Eligible International Emissions Units (EIEUs) from project developers. We also assist in the development of Carbon Farming Initiative Projects (CFI Projects) under the Carbon Price and Emissions Reduction Fund by aggregating projects, buying and selling ACCUs, and providing advisory services to our clients.

Greenbank Carbon’s Specialist Services

With over 15 years experience extending across the renewable energy and carbon sectors, our team is equipped to provide:

  • CFI Project Development
  • CFI project aggregation and agency services
  • Feasibility study reports
  • ACCUs valuations and trading services
  • Energy/carbon financial analysis
  • Greenhouse gas emission assessments
  • Legal advice
  • Market advice