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Step-by-step guide

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It’s easy to be sure with our Step-by-Step Guide to Trading:
When you make the decision to install solar power, solar water heating and other renewable energy technologies we know it can seem daunting, that’s why Greenbank is here to help you cut through the green tape.

Step 1: Download and Fill out the form

If you have already installed your system or improved your energy efficiency and have opted to trade your own certificates, the next step is to download a Photovoltaic or Solar Hot water STC form or VEEC form.

  1. Open the form and begin filling out the sections starting with the owner details and installation address.
  2. Include details about your new system or improved energy efficiency.
  3. If you are filling out a VEEC form include details about the decommissioning of your old system.
  4. Be sure to read and sign the Installation and Mandatory declaration.
  5. For prompt payment for your certificates fill out the correct details including name of the account, 6-digit BSB, up to 9 digit account number.
  6. Make sure you have the owners’ signature and a witness to that signature.
  7. Be sure that your installer has filled out all the installer information and mandatory requirements on the form.

Step 2: Attached Supporting Documentation

  1. Proof of purchase – The customer invoice must include, Owners name, Installation address, System detail – panel quantity, brand and model, inverter quantity, brand and model
  2. Electricians compliance certificate/certificate of electrical safety – The electrical safety certificate or state equivalent must be provided for all installations requiring electrical work, including upgrades.
  3. Proof of address and owners details – one of the following documents must be provided for all STC claims, owners utilities bill, rates notice, approval letter from the distribution company to connect to the grid or any other legal documents that states the system owners correct name and install address details.

This is to verify the installation and proof of purchase. Supporting documents for installation need to show the customers name, the installation address, the correct model number (as registered), and the unit serial number(ie this can be found on the water storage tank). Supporting documents for proof of purchase need to show the customers name and the system model purchased (ie tax invoice). Supporting documents for proof of address need to show customers name and address (ie utility bill or rates notice)

Step 3: Send to Greenbank

The final step is to send your form to Greenbank so we can process your payment. You can post, fax or email it to us or if you have any further questions visit our help desk or call 1300 GREENBANK.
Greenbank will make payment inĀ 14-21 days after receiving complete and correct paperwork and supporting documentation.