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Hello from the Greenbank Environmental team and welcome to our new blog.

We will be putting out short pieces every fortnight on energy/carbon related matters with a bent towards sustainability and the environment. The posts will be aimed at those who may have a potential personal and/or business interests in this area but are not necessarily across the detail.

Our aim primarily is to inform and build up the reader’s knowledge in this critical emerging space in posts that while stand alone, also form a coherent picture of the energy/carbon landscape.

We will start with the basics of energy/electricity, give you some facts, look at the various market based mechanisms around renewable energy and energy efficiency (Greenbank core business) and then launch into all matters relating to the carbon price and what it will mean for all of us to operate in a low carbon economy.

After the introduction of the carbon price in July this year, we will focus our posts on the key areas of innovation, technology, skills and community acceptance in the context of business opportunities in a low carbon economy.

We hope you enjoy our blog!

at 30 March 2015   by ben

Tip of the week! Signatures

Photocopying signatures On a sliding scale of the reasons for which we have to come back to people for more information and their relative seriousness, the order is as follows.  Innocent mistake – the majority, easily fixed. Unknowing wrongdoing – significant problem, possibly systemic. Outright falsehood – major issue, significant consequences. The vast majority of […]

at 20 March 2015   by ben

Tip of the week! Correct claim details

Top tip  – The Devil is in the Detail! Far too often we at Greenbank find ourselves having to come back to our customers for very minor things that are nevertheless necessary to process the claim. This holds up the claim, takes more time on both our and your end, and of course delays payment, […]

at 12 March 2015   by ben

Tip of the week! Upgrade details

Upgrade details Last week we discussed the issue of failed claims due to not mentioning other systems being present at the install address. If there is another system already at the address, or you are adding extra panels, then we need “upgrade details”. Today we will show you how to explain their locations in a […]

at 05 March 2015   by ben

Tip of the week! Duplicate addresses/Second systems

Duplicate addresses/Second system Perhaps the most common reason for an STC claim to come back to us failed from the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) is for ‘Duplicate Address’. This is when the CER finds that there is another system at the install address that has not been noted on the STC assignment form. The question […]

at 26 February 2015   by ben

Tip of the week! Assigning STCs to a legal entity

Assigning STCs to a Legal Entity The Clean Energy Regulator has flagged that this issue will now be checked and enforced across the board, so it is time to make sure we all know what we are doing in this space. The crux of this issue is the fact that ‘Only the legal entity can […]

at 19 February 2015   by ben

Tip of the week! Inverter ratings and system capacity

Inverter ratings and system capacity Please take care to ensure you do not breach the Clean Energy Council (CEC) guidelines by exceeding the permissible panel capacity for the inverter. The CEC guidelines allow the inverter capacity (Nominal AC power output) plus 33% so a 3kw inverter can have up to 4kw of panels installed. If […]

at 13 February 2015   by ben

Tip of the week! Install address

Location, Location, Location! Midway through last year we began requesting some form of proof of address (POA) as the Clean Energy Regulator began failing claims for even the most minor errors (St not Rd, Wiliams not Williams etc). We have found the Rates Notice to be the best form of POA, followed by the electricity […]

at 05 February 2015   by ben

Tip of the week! Signature Dates

Signature Dates! Pre-signed STC and VEEC claims can be easily avoided by simply knowing when everyone can and cannot sign the form. In all states (excluding Victoria) you can have the installer, designer (STCs), owner and a witness sign on or after the Installation date. In Victoria (STCs) all parties are the same, except the […]

at 02 February 2015   by ben

Greenbank Environmental’s 2014 Industry Update

Thank you for your continuing support during 2014. It has been a difficult year for the industry with the Renewable Energy Target under constant review and threat of abolition. This New Year, we thought it important to continue the momentum of 2014 by giving you a drink coaster that represents the cost breakdown per kWh […]

at 31 January 2015   by ben

Tip of the week! Using the correct model codes

Prevent unnecessary delays! Get your model codes right the first time! One of the most common and most easily avoidable holdups on STC claims is incomplete or inaccurate model codes on Panels, Inverters, SWHs and Heat Pumps. Simply go to the CER links below and stay up to date and accurate: PV Panels and Inverters […]